Shambhala Art REtreat/REunite/REfresh – Berkeley CA

A Retreat for Graduates of the Shambhala Art Five-Part Program with Shastri Sandra Ladley & Steve and Anne Saitzyk

January 5 – 8, 2017 at the Berkeley Shambhala Center

Thu January 5th: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Fri January 6th: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sat January 7th: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sun January 8th: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


  • $200 Program Price
  • $250 Patron Price
  • $175 Student/Early Registration*
  • $50 Deposit
*Register and pay in full by December 5th for a reduced rate of $175.
Changed: The program now starts Thursday night 1/5/17 and is open in its entirety to graduates of the Shambhala Art Program Parts 1-5. There will be separate/breakout sessions for Shambhala Art faculty to discuss inspirations, challenges and resources.  
  • The program will include Shambhala Art teachings, discussions, individual and collaborative creative exploration, meditation and contemplation      
  • We will co-create an Art “Happening” for the public at the Shambhala Center on Friday night  
  • Online sharing for a portion of the event
  • Optional evening events TBD and possible field trips to the new UC Berkeley and SF MOMA Art Museums
This program is about collaboration and play and the opportunity to deepen as well as make new connections with the Shambhala Art teachings and practitioners. 

If you know some Shambhala Art graduates in your area, please invite them. Thank you!
Thursday Night 1/5:
7 – 9 pm Opening Remarks and Discussion, Reception   
Daily Schedule, Friday through Sunday:
10 – 12 Session
12 – 1:30 lunch
1:30 – 3:30 Session
3:30 – 4:00 tea
4:00 – 6:00 Session
Open evenings and optional group activities:
Friday 1/6: Optional participation in co-creating a Public Art Happening 7:30 – 9:00 pm
Stay tuned for possible optional evening gatherings and museum field trips.     
Further details coming in November.   
Questions? Contact Sandra Ladley:
About the teachers:
Shastri Sandra Ladley is a long-time Shambhala Buddhist practitioner and teacher.  She teaches Shambhala and Shambhala Art widely and leads creative, psycho-educational, and Social Presencing groups. She is a core faculty member and the program manger for the Karuna Training program in contemplative psychology.  Sandra worked previously as a manager, counselor and teacher in business, mental health, hospice and creative arts settings. Sandra studied art and music at Bard College and received her BA in Painting from San Francisco State University and her MA in Contemplative Psychology from Naropa University.  She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Anne Anderson Saitzyk received her MFA in painting from Claremont Graduate University and her BFA in illustration from Art Center College of Design. She has served as co-coordinator of Westside Shambhala and is currently Director of Contemplative Arts at Shambhala Meditation Center of Los Angeles. Anne met the Shambhala Buddhist dharma through the Dharma Art program in 1997, is a long-time Shambhala Art teacher and student of Sakyong Mipham. In her professional life, she teaches painting and drawing at Art Center College of Design and occasionally in other locations in the world.
Steven Saitzyk is an Adjunct Professor of Humanities and Sciences at Art Center College of Design and the International Director of Shambhala Art, a nonprofit arts education program designed to integrate meditation into the creative process. See: and  He is a painter, author, and has practiced and taught meditation internationally for more than forty years.  His current book, “Place Your Thoughts Here: Meditation for the Creative Mind,” was published in 2013.

Shambhala Art Part 3: The Creative Process – Providence

March 17th—March 19th (2017)DSCN0306

Date details +

Fri March 17th: 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Sat March 18th: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Sun March 19th: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM


  • $145 Standard
  • $175 Patron
  • ($15.00 Material Fee included in each price.)
 The Creative Process—A Dharma Art Weekend

The eye of desire dirties and distorts. Only when we desire nothing, only when our gaze becomes pure contemplation, does the soul of things (which is beauty) open itself to us.
– Hermann Hesse

There is such a thing as unconditional expression that does not come from self or other.  It manifests out of nowhere like mushrooms in a meadow, like hailstones, like thundershowers.
– Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

The creative process can be a form of meditation-in-action when it begins with coming to our senses and arriving at “square one.” We do this naturally when we unconditionally face a blank piece of paper, an empty stage, an idle instrument, or an unplanted garden and allow inspiration to naturally arise out of that space.

If that inspiration is met with mindfulness and awareness, it can be given shape and form and built into a result that has a life and energy of its own that others can perceive and experience.  The creative process is only half of the equation; the balance is an awakened viewing process that provides the means to fully perceive what is being communicated.

The Friday evening talk is open to the public for a fee of $20 at the door.

Shambhala Art Teacher to be announced.

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Shambhala Art Part 3 – Montreal, Canada

with Sylvie Cotton & Massimo GuerreraP1050058
from Saturday 18 March at 10 am to Sunday 19 March (2017) at 5 pm
Price: $150

Every phenomenon needs three factors to occur: it appears in space, it takes on a certain form and it displays some energy. Meditation helps us to see and appreciate things as they manifest through these three aspects, and helps us also to understand that the creative process requires these aspects as well, as it implies both creating and seeing clearly what is being created.

This weekend is part of a serie of 5 weekends which you take as your interest guides you.



Shambhala Art Parts 3-5 – Athens GREECE

With Marica Shibata


Date: Thursday 3 November 2016 (19:00 -19:00) Friday 4 November 2016 (09:00 -19:00) Saturday 5 November 2016 (09:00 -19:00) Sunday 6 November 2016 (09:00 -19:00)
Coordinator : Olga Papalexandrou
Contact person : Olga Papalexandrou
Price: €300
Discover the source of the creative process and the product we call art, from the viewpoint of a meditative discipline.

The Shambhala Art teachings are about the paradox between discipline and play; the universal nature of creativity and communication. They experientially explore what it means to see things as they are, as well as how to uncover the source of inspiration, its manifestation, and how it can inform our daily practice of connecting to the vividness of our world.