Calligraphies by Chögyam Trungpa 1980

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche created 25 calligraphies as part of a fundraising effort to help pay for the 1981 Art Installation at the Los Angeles Instititue of Contemporary Art. When asked why 25, he said “one for each Rigden.” They were created along with the plans for the installation in Los Angeles at the studio of Steven Saitzyk in 1980. All the calligraphies we sold at the fundraising auction. If you were one of the purchasers, please offer your comments on its history.  NOTE: If you click on the full screen icon and then “show info” you will be able to see the titles and any addition informations on the calligraphy.


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  1. Carolyn Gimian says:

    Hi There Shambhala Art, I would like to know more about the calligraphies shown in the wonderful slide show. Do you know where all of them are located? Who took the photos and when? This would be great for us to know at the Shambhala Archives. It could also be an inspiration to invite other centres to photograph and post their calligraphies ! Thanks, Carolyn Gimian

  2. admin says:

    Hi Carolyn. My hope is to get people to leave comments at Flickr at the Shambhala Art page for these calligraphies, see: and offer information about them if they collected them. I own one of the from the auction (I was the auctioner). I believe an number of old timers in Los Angeles have most of them. After I make the announcement of the new web site, and Flickr, I hope encourage people to offer comments and a history if they have one with their calligraphy. My guess is that I took the pictures. The original slides are poor quality because they were just taken to identify the calligraphies for auction. I had to work hard to make them look the way they do with Photoshop. They were very dark. I can send a disk to the archives (need to find time.) It would be great if other locations did the same like you suggest. I would be happy to host them as well at the Shambhala Art site or our Flickr account. About a decade ago SMR ask me to try to collect what I could of Trungpa’s Dharma Art stuff. Of course have not done much more than what you see and of course it really is something for the archives. He was kind to think I could help with that. Thank you all your work!
    Steve Saitzyk

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