Shambhala Arts Festival 2007 Los Angeles

The 2007 Shambhala Arts Festival in Los Angeles.  The Shambhala Arts Festival is an annual international celebration of art forms that appear to embody the principles found in the Shambhala Art teachings.  Sakyong Mipham Rinpoce has designated a day for such celebrations called Shambhala Art Day, which takes place on or around the Spring equinox.    (Note: Shambhala Art is a set of teachings and an educational program, and Shambhala Arts are art forms that appear to embody aspects of the teachings.)  Please note that the offerings that appear at the Shambhala Arts Festivals as well as the results of exercises at Shambhala Art Programs are not necessarily examples of “enlightened art,” rather examples of it maker(s) attempt to understand and work with the Shambhala/Dharma Art teachings.


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